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Join a global community of extreme medicine practice.

With Membership, access to our library of resources gives you the ability to be at the cutting edge of your practice.

Apply for a Fellowship and gain international recognition for your work and expertise in the field of extreme medicine.

Membership is the first step to becoming a part of our community.

Members gain 24/7 access to a whole catalogue of CPD learning and training plus best practice, inspiring interviews, and latest industry news.

Suitable for all medical and healthcare professionals who want to open doors to more extreme career opportunities.

For Members who have gained significant competencies and experience, the Fellowship programme seeks to recognise achievements in the field.

Fellows sit at the heart of a global community of practice in extreme environments. A Fellowship is internationally recognised by your peers, wider networks and potential employers.

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More Info/FAQs

What’s the difference between a Membership and a Fellowship?

Joining the World Extreme Medicine community always starts with a Membership. This allows you access to our vast library of resources – from CPD modules to interactive online training, inspiring interviews and academic articles.

Once you are a Member of our community, if you feel your skills match the criteria for Fellowship, you can apply to become a World Extreme Medicine Fellow.  This is an added accolade which marks you as a specialist in your field. A Fellowship is a globally recognised status which demonstrates career achievement whilst also opening doors to a network of highly trained professionals around the world.

How do I become a Member?

Membership is paid annually or monthly by subscription. You can sign up for membership here and immediately access our catalogue of online learning and career development.

What does Membership do for me?

Membership cements your place in our community of extreme medics. It enables you to upskill, maintain relevant CPD modules and remain inspired and at the cutting edge of practice, regardless of location. Our library of resources is available 24/7 from anywhere in the world. You’ll find content delivered as interviews, articles, webinars, videos and podcasts on a vast range of specialist subjects.

How do I apply for a Fellowship?

Fellows must meet the criteria set out on the application page. If you’re keen to go ahead, simply submit your details online and our panel will review your application. You must have an active Membership with World Extreme Medicine to apply.

What does a Fellowship do for me?

Fellowship is an internationally recognised accolade, representing your expertise in the field of extreme medicine. It gives you a status among your peers, and opens up a network of top professionals around the globe. As part of your Fellowship, World Extreme Medicine run a number of online events each year for Fellows, and offer the opportunity to network among them for research or recruitment purposes.

I’m already a Member, how do I access the content?

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