Humanitarian & Disaster Medicine

When disaster strikes or conflict erupts, medical responders need specialised skills to provide care safely and ethically. Operating in austere and unstable environments demands unique expertise most clinicians lack. Without proper training in humanitarian aid principles, security protocols, or conservation practices, you may be unprepared for field deployment.

Our immersive humanitarian and disaster medicine courses equip you with specialised skills for high-risk situations.

Learn ethical decision-making for aid missions through our humanitarian medicine course. Or gain competency in field triage, WASH practices, cultures of care and more for hostile settings via our hostile medicine course. For those drawn to wildlife medicine, our conservation medicine course teaches you to support endangered species up-close. 

With a focus on hands-on training in amazing locations, our humanitarian, hostile environments, and conservation medicine courses guarantee you’ll be prepared to provide care in the world’s most unstable and remote settings.

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