Can nurses, paramedics and AHPs join your courses?

Yes – our courses are aimed at all medical and healthcare professionals of any discipline interested in working in remote, austere and extreme environments.

I’m a student, can I take part?

You certainly can, however we recommend you consider how long it will be between our course and when you can implement the learning. If there is a long gap and you are concerned about skill or knowledge fade, then it may be worth waiting a little longer.

Consider following our podcast and exploring our e-learning as a first step. Take a look at our annual conference which provides a one-of-a-kind networking opportunity that could inspire a truly extreme career path.

I’m not a medical or healthcare professional, can I take part?

This is complicated and worth a discussion with one of our team. We’d like to know more about your current training and experience, future plans and what you need from training in this area. The more information you can provide for us, the better –  we’ll then make our recommendation about potential next steps.

Do I need to be super-fit for your courses?

All courses contain some physical aspects. This may include simulation exercises, expedition-style travel or environment specific physical activities. This physical activity takes place in combination with learning, so the fitter you are, the more energy you will have to focus on learning.

Experience in challenging terrain carrying a 10kg pack for moderate to long durations is beneficial for all courses. For mountain and jungle environments, a high level of fitness is essential, and you must be able to complete long duration activity for many days in a row.

Can I pay in instalments?

You can pay a deposit now and the balance later. If you’d like to discuss a different option, please get in touch and we’ll do our best to help.

When do I need to pay my balance?

Balance payments are due 8 weeks prior to the course start date.

What kit do I need?

You will need a range of clothing and sometimes equipment specific to the course, location, duration, climate and activities. You must also bring a personal first aid kit with basic over the counter medicines, any prescription medication you need (and spares) alongside basic blister, wound and MSK care kit. Each course has a specific kit list detailed on the specific course web page, and we will provide a copy of this with your booking.

Do you take medical kit on courses?

For all UK (and some European) courses we have a medical kit to cover medical Emergencies, and routine medical concerns will be dealt with by local services. All courses taking place far from medical care will have a fully stocked medical kit for emergencies and routine medical needs that are not treatable with your personal first aid kits.


Is e-learning accessible without a membership?

Yes, all webinars can be booked individually. We also have a range of free content including podcasts and featured articles or videos, but the majority of our online learning/CPD courses and greater depth articles do require a membership.

Can I get a certificate for e-learning?

Certificates are available for attendees of live webinars.

Can I suggest ideas for e-learning content, speakers or even nominate myself to contribute?

Please do! Check out our Get Involved page to find out more or email [email protected] to submit your idea.

I watched one of your videos and have some questions for the speaker. Can I contact them?

If the speaker has provided us with contact information, there will be links in the content bio to contact them directly. If this isn’t the case, you can email us at [email protected] and we will do our best to put you in touch.


Is the Membership only open to medical and healthcare professionals?

Absolutely not – the membership is open to anyone looking to expand their knowledge and skills in the area of extreme medicine.

How does the membership discount work?

Annual members will receive a £100 discount to use across any World Extreme Medicine products when signing up. Monthly members who have been subscribed for over 6 months will also receive a £100 discount code after their 6 month subscription date. This voucher cannot be combined with additional offers and can only be redeemed one time per customer, unless explicitly stated otherwise. It has no cash value, cannot be transferred, and the associated offer details are subject to change without prior notice.

How do I claim my membership discount?

Our team will email you a discount code after you have been a member for over 6 months or purchased an annual membership subscription.

How do I submit feedback about the membership programme?

We love to hear your comments so please email contact us to share feedback and suggestions with the team.

I’d like to contribute my expertise and experience. How do I do that?

We’d love to hear from you! Check out our Get Involved page to find out more or contact us to submit your idea.

Do you offer any discounts for students?

We are working very hard to keep costs low for all members irrespective of career or study stage and therefore have a single membership rate for all.

Your content could directly help communities I work with, but I am unable to afford subscriptions, can you help?

Please contact us to discuss your situation. We do hold a number of memberships for professionals where access to e-learning is financially impossible. Examples of this can include professionals spending extended periods in voluntary work, those in low/middle income countries or under significant financial strain.


How do I submit my application to the Fellowship?

Applications are submitted here via our online system. You will need to evidence your achievements across a range of activities such as education, CPD, research, teaching and extreme medicine practice. Full guidance can be found on our Fellowship page.

Do I need to complete specific courses to apply to the Fellowship?

No, there is no defined pathway.  With the field of Extreme Medicine encompassing many skills for a broad range of medical and healthcare professionals, we believe that individuals must determine the most appropriate route through academia and professional development to support their needs.

Is the Fellowship only available for doctors?

The Fellowship is open to all medical, healthcare and rescue professionals relevant to Extreme Medicine. We all accept exceptional non-medical candidates such as researchers, logisticians and security professionals etc. who have made significant contributions to the field of Extreme Medicine.

How long is my Fellowship award valid?

Once accepted into the Fellowship the award is valid as long as candidates maintains a World Extreme Medicine membership.