Christmas wish list announced for next Medics4Ukraine convoy

7 December 2022

Almost £1.4M of lifesaving supplies and medical training already delivered to Ukraine – but more is needed

Medics4Ukraine has created a wish list based on requests from Ukraine medical personnel and is looking for UK businesses to donate badly needed items in time for the next convoy’s departure in the run-up to Christmas.

The convoy team members, who have all come face to face with the devastation of war in Ukraine, have drawn up a list of items to go with the next convoys planned to leave the UK on 12 December and the third week of January 2023.

The most recent convoy, the seventh to date, arrived in mid-November. Some of the onboard medical supplies were forwarded to Kherson after its liberation, amongst the first supplies to reach the city. These included items needed on an ongoing basis by the frontline medics, such as tourniquets, haemostatics, field, blast and compression bandages, individual first aid kits and paramedic bags.

The Medics4Ukraine team has now highlighted non-medical items essential for the winter months including headlamps and torches. With electricity supplies erratic as a result of the war, these will help medics deliver lifesaving care and support the wider population living in darkness. Specialist torch producers Ledlenser and Petzl have already generously stepped forward to donate hands-free lighting – but there is room for more. And with the temperatures dropping, other items needed are warm boots, socks, sleeping bags and woolly hats.

Head of Operations and co-founder of Medics4Ukraine, Manchester based Advanced Paramedic Luca Alfatti says, “We’re also receiving more primary care requests at the moment. These are for basic medicines including fungal and antibacterial creams, paracetamol, ibuprofen, and vitamins as well as antibiotics.

“If anyone can help with donations of these or any other items on our wish list for our next convoy that would be greatly appreciated by the medical services and people of Ukraine.”

World Extreme Medicine founder Mark Hannaford, who set up the initiative, added that Medics4Ukraine is also looking for corporate sponsors to ensure the convoys can continue to travel to Ukraine for as long as they are needed. He says, “Despite some good news, such as the liberation of Kherson, this war is not yet over. And the infrastructure of the country, including the hospitals, will take a long time to return to normal. Every bit of help we can provide in the meantime remains critical.”

Medics4Ukraine recently announced that nearly £1.4M worth of supplies and training for 354 medics had been delivered to the war torn country.

World Extreme Medicine underwrites the costs of the convoy, but the medical and other supplies are either paid for from fundraising or donated. For example, the Commonwealth Games donated bandages and other items left over from the event, while Festival Medical Services and Reflex Medical have been generous supporters from the start.

To discuss donating items for the wish list contact: [email protected] 

To make a donation to support purchases of medical supplies visit: Medics4Ukraine GoFundMe

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