Medics4Ukraine | Medical Supply Convoy

11 March 2022

World Extreme Medicine is launching an urgent fundraising appeal to supply desperately needed medical equipment and supplies to hospitals in Ukraine. 

Our £100,000 appeal, Medics4Ukraine, is being co-ordinated by a team of medical professionals and extreme medicine experts from the network of World Extreme Medicine.

Mark Hannaford, founder of World Extreme Medicine states, “Hospital staff in Ukraine are working non-stop in dangerous conditions, with resources diminishing by each passing day. We have been in direct contact with Ukrainian medical professionals, and their current situation is only set to get worse.”

Drawing on the experience of organising successful medical equipment convoys to Syria and Myanmar the team are working to form contacts, medical expertise, and logistical setup to deliver convoys directly to hospitals on the frontline in Ukraine. However, funds are needed to secure these medical resources and ensure these life-saving medical convoys are ongoing. 

Saleyha Ahsan, a Medical Doctor, involved in both the Syrian and Ukraine convoys added, “The People’s Convoy for Syria delivered £250,000 worth of medical equipment to a children’s hospital in Aleppo in 2016 with public support. I’m hoping we can match that for Ukraine and achieve our objective in sending over multiple convoys throughout the conflict, which will each time supply medical equipment that is most in demand.”

Every donation will go directly into purchasing life-saving medical equipment for Ukrainian medical professionals, and civilians caught in the conflict. With World Extreme Medicine underwriting any transport costs. 

Please give what you can.

Our team will post ongoing updates on our fundraising page, or please feel free to follow World Extreme Medicine across our social media channels to be kept up to date –

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