Boundary-Pushing Speakers: From a Nurse to a CEO

2 March 2023

We are thrilled to announce the first batch of speakers for this year’s World Extreme Medicine Conference, where medical professionals, adventurers, and researchers will come together to explore the cutting-edge field of extreme medicine. 

This is just the beginning – we can’t wait to unveil even more exciting speakers for the conference, which will take place in Edinburgh or online this November.

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Romain Pizzi

Romain Pizzi is not only a skilled wildlife veterinarian but also an advocate for animal welfare and conservation. He has collaborated with various organisations such as the United Nations, the World Health Organization, and the World Wildlife Fund. He has also been involved in training programs for wildlife veterinarians and conservationists in countries such as Cameroon, Indonesia, and Nepal. 

His research interests include developing minimally invasive surgical techniques for wildlife, improving anaesthesia and analgesia protocols, and understanding the pathophysiology of wildlife diseases. 

He has received numerous awards for his contributions to the field of wildlife medicine, including the 2020 International Award for Excellence in Animal Welfare from the World Veterinary Association. Hear how Romain Pizzi is a passionate advocate for wildlife at this years World Extreme Medicine Conference. 

Deb Swann

Deb Swann is a trailblazer in her profession, breaking through barriers and paving the way for other nurses to expand their roles a

nd take on new challenges. As a credentialed advanced clinical practitioner, she brings a wealth of experience and expertise to her work in the East of England. But she doesn’t stop there – Deb also serves as a pre-hospital emergency nurse in the West Midlands, responding to calls with an enhanced care team. 

Her experience as an expedition medic has proven invaluable in her role with the UK International Search and Rescue team, where she provides vital medical care to those affected by natural disasters.

Her commitment to pushing the boundaries of her profession and promoting the role of women and nurses in healthcare is truly inspiring.

Brandi DeCarli 

Brandi DeCarli, Founding Partner and CEO, is globally recognised for her pioneering venture Farm from a Box. This cleantech-powered infrastructure empowers small and medium-scale enterprises to achieve self-sufficiency while producing high-quality, regeneratively grown crops. 

In addition to this, DeCarli’s passion for technology’s role in climate resilience, economic empowerment, and women’s leadership has led her to deliver speeches on the world stage, including at COP26 and the Explorer’s Club Annual Summit, GLEX 2022. Her influential work extends beyond Farm from a Box, and we look forward to hearing more at this year’s conference.

Martin Pernar

Dr Martin Pernar is a highly acclaimed consultant trauma surgeon/orthopaedic

surgeon with an outstanding medical career in both civilian and military fields. He has expertise in Prehospital Trauma Care, Medical/Aeromedical Evacuation, Damage Control Surgery/Resuscitation, Diving Medicine/Submarine Rescue, and support to Special Forces.

Having served as an embedded Medical Officer with the UN in Africa and the Balkans, with the EU in the Gulf of Aden and Sahel, with NATO in Afghanistan and Kosovo, and with various International NGOs, Dr Pernar has a wealth of experience in providing medical services in austere, remote, and hostile environments.

Liz Baugh

Liz Baugh, the Founder of Red Square Medical, has had an impressive career in the medical field. Her journey began when she joined the Royal Navy in 1999 and trained to work as an independent medical practitioner on small warships and with frontline Royal Marines units. Baugh’s experience and expertise extend beyond her service in the Navy.

She has worked in shoreside roles that involved managing the medical preparedness of task groups leaving for operational deployments and commissioning new build medical facilities. 

At Red Square Medical, Baugh and her team provide high-quality medical support to support seafarers at sea or ashore with a tailored medical service that prepares the ships, protects the crew and prevents unnecessary non-compliances making sure that they are covered for every medical eventuality.

Burjor Langdana

Burjor Langdana, an NHS dentist in England, has also been confirmed as a speaker for the conference. Langdana is a faculty member of World Extreme Medicine, Honorary Clinical Professor in Extreme Medicine, and Module lead for Wilderness Expedition Dentistry at the University of Exeter.

With years of experience in Expedition/Wilderness and Remote Access Dentistry, Langdana is the resident expedition dentist for AdventureMedic, founder of Wilderness Expedition Dentistry, and a past consultant dentist for the British Antarctic Survey Medical Unit.

Daniel Grace

Daniel Grace, a portfolio GP, event, and expedition doctor, is the next confirmed speaker for the upcoming World Extreme Medicine Conference. With extensive experience in the field, Grace has worked as a travel health physician for NHS, Nomad, and The Virtual Doctors. He completed the International Diploma in Expedition and Wilderness Medicine at the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow. 

Grace has also provided medical support at several UK-based endurance sports events, the Kenya Impact Marathon in Kericho, Kenya, and in the Canadian Yukon, where he supported groups of young people on expeditions with the British Exploring Society.

Erik Seedhouse

Erik Seedhouse is an associate professor and research scientist specializing in spaceflight operations, virtual reality, and space life sciences. He obtained his PhD in physiology while working for the European Space Agency. Prior to his academic career, Seedhouse served in the Parachute Regiment and as a professional triathlete. He also worked as a naval officer for the Canadian Forces and was a finalist for astronaut selection in the CSA’s Astronaut Recruitment Campaign. Seedhouse has completed all the training required by a suborbital scientist astronaut and hopes to fly on Blue Origin’s New Shepard vehicle.

He has authored 30 books, teaches for the International Institute of Astronautical Sciences, and is a certified pilot and scuba diver, as well has having more than 60 parachute jumps to his name and is currently in the process of completing the 7 Summits, having reached the summits of Denali, Elbrus, Aconcagua and Kilimanjaro. In 2022 he reached the South Summit (8700m) of Everest.

Additionally, he is a triathlon coach, public speaker, and occasional consultant to Hollywood. One of his best-selling books is ‘To Mars Fast’, co-authored by astronaut Franklin Chang-Diaz.

More Speaker Announcements soon…

Our first batch of speakers for the World Extreme Medicine Conference promises an impressive lineup, with more exciting announcements to come soon. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from experts with unique experiences and knowledge in extreme medicine. 

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