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6 October 2022

What is the World Extreme Medicine Conference?

Who better to ask then World Extreme Medicine Founder, Mark Hannaford:

You can’t be good at every element of medicine. So, you need to find what really, really interests you. You know, the topic that you’re happy staying up till midnight or two o’clock in the morning learning about. 

If your still looking for that interest or would like to consider something new, have you ever through about Extreme Medicine and in particular the World Extreme Medicine Conference? It could be the perfect place for you to start! 

We are just weeks away from this years World Extreme Medicine Conference and hopefully you are preparing to join us in November to open your career to the most influential extreme medicine conference in the world.

What is Extreme Medicine? ‘Extreme Medicine’ describes the practise of medicine in remote, inhospitable, and challenging environments.

The World Extreme Medicine Conference brings together like-minded medical, humanitarian, space and adventure professionals sharing their knowledge and expertise to improve patient outcomes in the most extreme situations.

The theme is ‘Pushing Boundaries’ to reference the physical and mental limits our speakers, exhibitors, delegates, and the full medical community continue to push through. Humanity is facing new challenges across environmental, political and socio-economic landscapes; aid, rescue and healthcare is having to adapt to these changes as we find that our daily lives are impacted by the fact that extreme is now everywhere.

Speakers at this year’s conference include, British Maritime Explorer Mensun Bound, the CEO of Floating Doctors Ben LaBrot and Amazon Explorer Lucy Shepherd, with many more extreme medical mavericks, expeditioners and world thought-leaders being added to the list.

Push the boundaries of your medical career and join us this year 19-21 November 2022, where you can attend either in-person in Edinburgh or online from a field hospital, mountain top or the comfort of your own home.

I hope to see you there! In the meantime, please feel free to download your complete guide to the World Extreme Medicine Conference 2022.

Professor Mark Hannaford DSc (Hon. Causa)
Founder World Extreme Medicine & WEM Conference

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