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Dive Medicine Webinar

Dive Deep Into Dive Medicine Featuring an expert from:

  • Diving Diseases Research Centre
  • London Hyperbaric Medicine
  • PADI Scuba Diving

Get exclusive access to this webinar to discover:

  • The critical skills needed as a dive medicine practitioner
  • Required qualifications and training pathways
  • Insider tips on gaining experience in hyperbaric facilities
  • Real stories from the field on treating diving injuries
  • How to prepare for emergency cases and logistical challenges

Whether you’re a student exploring options, a doctor looking to specialise, or a dive professional seeking additional expertise – this panel provides unique guidance to chart your dive medicine journey.

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What will I learn from this webinar?

You will:

  • Gain an in-depth understanding of hyperbaric medicine and how it is utilized in treating diving injuries
  • Learn the science behind decompression theory and best practices for safe decompression
  • Discover the causes, symptoms, and emergency treatment of decompression illness
  • Appreciate the logistical difficulties in providing medical care for diving incidents
  • Become aware of less common diving-related illnesses that may be encountered
  • Hear firsthand experiences in dive medicine from emergency doctor Aaron Gao
  • Get introduced to resources for further dive medicine education, including the World Extreme Medicine course

This webinar packs incredible value for anyone looking to expand their knowledge of this unique and important medical specialty.

Who is this webinar designed for?

This panel webinar provides guidance for those interested in pursuing careers in dive medicine, including students or healthcare professionals seeking a transition.

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Is this really free?

Certainly! We are delighted to provide you with valuable knowledge at no cost, with the sincere hope that you will find it beneficial. Remember us for any future extreme medicine inquiries you may have!

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