Compassion and Empathy in Challenging Environments with Catherine Trainor

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In this webinar, we’re privileged to host Catherine Trainor, delving into her fascinating career journey. From her time on ski patrol to navigating Wildland Fire and her impactful work on a Reservation, Catherine shares her diverse experiences and mission in Ukraine.

Join us as Catherine intertwines her roles in EMS, revealing how each experience uniquely prepared her for the next. She’ll emphasize the role of compassion and empathy as the guiding thread throughout her diverse missions, deployments, and positions, ranging from EMT to her contributions in disaster relief within Ukraine.

Intended Learning Outcomes

  • Investigate the significance of compassion and empathy as crucial solutions within various deployments and roles, particularly exploring Catherine’s perspective on why these attributes hold paramount importance in such contexts.
  • Examine Catherine’s insights into her experiences in Ukraine and the lessons learned from the plight of the Ukrainian people. Delve into discussions on the resilience demonstrated by the people amidst challenges.
  • Identify and discuss the primary needs on the ground in Ukraine based on Catherine’s direct experience, providing insights into the essential requirements and challenges faced by the affected population.
  • Explore Catherine’s approach to capturing cultural nuances within her filmmaking endeavors and how she effectively reflects and communicates these aspects to the broader community. Investigate how her testimony to others amplifies cultural understanding and appreciation through film.

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