Prolonged Casualty Care with Mike Smith

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Imagine this: resources are scarce, and the shift from immediate intervention to mobile nursing care is paramount.

In this webinar, Mike will guide us through this critical transition, equipping you with valuable assessment tools and acronyms that are vital when diagnostic resources are limited.

Learn from Mike’s experiences as he tackled obstacles when drugs and monitoring equipment were in short supply. With decades of experience as a military GP and a professor of general practice, Mike brings an unparalleled blend of clinical expertise, research insight, and educational know-how.

His portfolio speaks volumes, including the development of evidence-based treatment guidelines, cutting-edge wearable devices for remote care, and high-fidelity simulation training. This is your chance to tap into a wealth of knowledge.

Intended Learning Outcomes

  • Explore the challenges of monitoring in protracted casevac situations, including extreme environments.
  • Gain insights into the differences in drug and pain management during protracted field care and Mike’s approach during extended operations.
  • Delve into the aftermath of primary injuries in protracted field care.

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