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The Dangerous Flora and Fauna of Africa with James Bloor-Griffiths

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James is a Foundation Doctor working at the Worcestershire Royal Hospital, having graduated from the University of Bristol in 2018 (MBChB).

Originally from Worcestershire, James has travelled extensively through sub-Saharan Africa, Central Asia and South America from a very young age, due to my fathers involvement in the wildlife and safari industry.

He is a qualified field guide in Botswana having trained at the Okavango Guiding School in 2015, attaining his BQA Level 2 Certificate. Since then, during time off from work, he has worked as a guide at two safari camps in the Okavango Delta. Since 2011, he also spends time as a field and bird guide for a UK-based company in countries including Uganda, South Africa, Zambia, Honduras, Guatemala and Brazil.

Outside medicine, James’ main areas of interest and expertise include walking safaris, ornithology and wildlife photography.

Session Overview

With access to extreme and remote environments now easier than at any point in human history and with the encroachment of human habitation on wilderness areas, more and more people will become exposed to dangerous flora and fauna. Therefore, it is essential for all extreme medics to have at least a basic working knowledge of this topic.

Back by popular demand, this session is a follow-on from Dr Bloor-Griffiths previous World Extreme Medicine Conference talk on dangerous flora and fauna from around the world.

This time, Dr Bloor-Griffiths is focusing on his specialist area: Sub-Saharan Africa. His big idea has always been: respect wildlife and in turn, it will respect you. He is also am a firm believer that in the wilderness, there is no substitute for common sense when encountering local wildlife.

He will outline a suggested approach to a range of potentially dangerous species including scorpions, snakes and big game including identification, risk mitigation and management of common medical scenarios.

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