Amazon Uncharted: Redefining the Explorer

Adventure, Expedition & Wilderness Medicine, Tropical Medicine
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At just 29 years old, Lucy Shepherd is pioneering modern exploration of Earth’s most extreme wildernesses – from the Amazon to the Arctic. In this talk, Lucy traces her exhilarating journey from shy child to professional explorer storming uncharted rainforest and frozen tundra landscapes alike.

Learn how Lucy is captivating global audiences not only to showcase climate impacts, but inspire the next generation of courageous adventurers and environment stewards through her bold expeditions documenting untouched places.

We’ll hear first-hand accounts of Lucy’s dramatic 50-day maiden trek across virgin Amazon jungle in 2021 – using only 50 year-old maps to navigate the perilous terrain many deemed impossible to survive. Lucy redefines adventure as an accessible mindset rather than a moment in time. Her hard-won wisdom from the planet’s formidable frontiers – on fear, resilience, purpose and more – will equip anyone to conquer their goals and live boldly.

If Lucy’s world-first exploits crossing places unseen for centuries don’t ignite your own sense of possible, nothing will.

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Length: 51m

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