Comfort Zones, Change Tolerance, and Pushing Boundaries

Adventure, Expedition & Wilderness Medicine
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Emergency physician Sarah Spelsberg draws on her globetrotting career in extreme medicine to inspire professionals to live courageously. A leader in wilderness emergency care and orthopedics, Sarah has instructed internationally while working everywhere from remote Alaskan clinics to ship medevacs.

In this talk, Sarah unpacks the mindsets that unlocked her sense of adventure, from stepping outside comfort zones to developing resilience amid constant change. Learn how acknowledging fear allows us to proceed bravely towards purpose. Discover how change tolerance and resilience enable satisfaction despite uncertainty.

Most of all, Sarah challenges us to engage deep purpose and never stop pushing boundaries. She shares how this ethos of relentlessly developing skills, enduring challenges, and expanding impact has shaped her definition of life’s greatest adventure. From breakthroughs in medicine to clutch moments capturing nature’s beauty, Sarah reminds us we feel most alive when fully immersed in the pursuits that ignite us. Let her globetrotting journey ignite your sense of possible, fuel your courage to explore uncharted territory, and inspire you to make adventure a way of life.

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Length: 43m

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