Considerations For Providing Care In the Alaskan Arctic

Cold & Polar Medicine
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Bridging global health expertise with Alaskan Arctic frontline emergency response, Dr. Erin Board spotlights delivering care at the extremes. Having worked alongside national medics from Uganda to the Peruvian Amazon, Erin now serves as Medical Director for Kotzebue’s rural EMS and Alaska Mountain Rescue while practising ER medicine above the Arctic Circle.

In this talk, Erin outlines tactical frameworks for resource-limited and remote settings – tailoring public health principles to guide decision-making where access is challenged by weather, vast wilderness, and isolation. Weaving Inuit culture and wisdom, she narrates cases from Arctic critical access hospitals navigated via plane or snowmobile alone.

Join Erin in confronting the realities of bringing life-saving interventions to communities severed by distance and climate, yet no less deserving. Discover how human-centered emergency care is weaving ancient traditions and modern medicine to uplift Alaska’s vibrant Northwestern corner. Witness ingenious providers expanding healthcare frontiers with courage, humility and their most vital resource – the heart.

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Length: 50m
Categories: Cold & Polar Medicine

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