Exploring the Fundamentals of Dive Medicine

Dive Medicine
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In this session, Ffyon Davies is joined by Aaron Gao, an experienced emergency medicine registrar from the North East of England. Their discussion revolves around the fundamental aspects of dive medicine, both in the UK and on an international scale. Specifically, they dive into the concepts covered in the comprehensive dive medicine course provided by World Extreme Medicine.

During their conversation, they explore various crucial topics. Firstly, they shed light on hyperbaric medicine, delving into its definition and significance. Additionally, they delve into the underlying theory behind decompression, as well as the intricacies of saturation diving. Furthermore, they discuss decompression illness, including its causes, symptoms, and the management strategies employed in dealing with such cases.

Moreover, their conversation will extend to encompass the logistical considerations associated with dive-related injuries. This will involve exploring the challenges and requirements in providing adequate medical care in diving emergencies. Additionally, they touch upon some of the less common disease pathologies that can be encountered while engaging in diving activities.

Aaron Gao, our esteemed guest, brings valuable expertise to the discussion. Having previously worked at the Diving Disease Research Centre in Plymouth, which houses a hyperbaric chamber offering emergency and elective treatment to divers and non-divers alike, he possesses firsthand experience in this specialised field. Furthermore, Aaron’s passion for scuba diving led him to take a hiatus from his medical career in 2017 to become a certified scuba diving instructor in Malaysia. Since then, he has returned to the UK to resume his role as an emergency medicine doctor, while still actively engaging in teaching at a local PADI scuba diving centre during his spare time.

Together, they aim to provide you with a comprehensive and insightful exploration of the fundamentals of dive medicine, drawing from Aaron’s professional expertise and experiences.

If you want to explore more, make sure to checkout the World Extreme Medicine Dive Medicine course.

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Length: 42m
Guests: Aaron Gao
Host: Eoin Walker
Categories: Dive Medicine

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