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Wilderness Ophthalmology

Expedition & Wilderness Medicine
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This session aims to provide medics with the confidence to assess an eye in austere environments, as well as make informed referral and management decisions, through a discussion on general and environment specific conditions as well as kit preparation.


  • Anatomy and learning what is normal
  • Preparation and kit list
  • Commonly encountered conditions (general and environment specific) and their management.

Intended Learning Outcomes

  • Take an ophthalmic history
  • Accurately describe ocular pathology in relation to anatomy and function
  • Record visual acuity
  • Consider differential diagnoses and triage effectively
  • Construct a suitable kit list for your expedition in relation to ophthalmology
  • No longer be scared (or bored!) of ophthalmology!

More Information

Length: 1h 13m
Guests: Pavandeep Singh
Host: Will Duffin

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