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Assessing Risk in Changing Environments

Human Factors & Situational Awareness, Military & Tactical Medicine
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Step into the world of James Glancy, a filmmaker, conservationist, and adventurer whose experiences are nothing short of extraordinary.

Imagine embarking on a cinematic journey across the rugged landscapes of Afghanistan, capturing the beauty and culture of its remotest corners. James’ ambitious project, “Afghanistan,” started as an exploration of the nation 20 years after 9/11. But fate had other plans…

As they filmed, the world watched as the USA announced its military withdrawal, leading to the collapse of the Afghan government and the Taliban’s takeover. Witness how James and his team adapted on the fly, racing against time to document this historic shift and rescue Afghan friends from the looming danger.

James doesn’t just document conflict; he dives headfirst into the wild. He’s exposed illegal fishing in the Mediterranean, sailed with Sea Shepherd in the South Atlantic, and uncovered the dark underbelly of the illegal wildlife trade in Africa and Asia.

Join us for a unique opportunity to glean insights from James Glancy’s journey. Discover first-hand how he navigates the unpredictable and ever-changing landscapes of conflict and the wild, honing his risk assessment skills in environments where surprises lurk around every corner.

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Length: 48m
Guests: James Glancy
Host: Eoin Walker

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