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Human Factors & Situational Awareness
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Learn about human factors and leadership in emergency medicine with Clare Fitchett, Specialist Paramedic at Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance.

In this webinar, Clare shares how she defines human factors and how they impact her medical practice. We discuss how leadership can influence human factors to improve patient safety. Clare also provides insights into strategies for mitigating risks associated with human factors.

Clare brings a wealth of experience to this conversation, having worked as a paramedic since 2011. She is currently completing an MSc in Advanced Clinical Practice and serves as Expedition Medic with the British Exploring Society. Clare is also a faculty member at World Extreme Medicine.

If you’re interested in emergency medicine, human factors, and quality assurance, you won’t want to miss this engaging discussion. Gain new perspective into optimising patient care by understanding the role of human factors and leadership.

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Length: 42m
Guests: Clare Fitchett
Host: Eoin Walker

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