The Fog of Innovation: Developing The Groundbreaking SCRAM™ Safety Technology

Human Factors & Situational Awareness, Pre-hospital Care
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Join us for an insightful webinar exploring the winding path of innovation with veteran innovator Paul Swinton, an accomplished paramedic who has worked on the road, in emergency departments, and as a flight paramedic in both South Africa. Paul currently serves as the National Education Lead for the Scottish Air Ambulance Service and a HEMS paramedic involved in critical care and retrieval medicine.

Drawing on his experience developing the groundbreaking SCRAM™ safety technology, Paul will shed light on navigating the uncertainty, risks, and resistance that come with trailblazing new ideas. In this webinar Paul will speak candidly about:

  • The genesis of his award-winning SCRAM™ idea
  • Embracing uncertainty and overcoming resource constraints
  • Leveraging feedback, collaborative design, and constructive friction
  • Confronting resistance to change and expanding horizons
  • Managing intellectual property concerns
  • The central role of AI in driving future innovation
  • Principles for tenacity, motivation, and transparency

To learn more about Paul’s work, check out his website. 

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Length: 35m
Guests: Paul Swinton
Host: Eoin Walker

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