The Limits of Human Performance

Human Performance
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The drive for Higher, Faster, Stronger is under increasing pressure as we approach the limits of human performance. Human performance is limited by physiological, psychological and socioeconomic barriers.

The role of sport and exercise medicine and science is to create solutions which allow humans to raise the barriers to performance and go beyond what is believed possible whilst, at the same time, protecting the health of the athlete.

Extreme environments are omnipresent in elite performance which threaten the performance and health of the athlete. This drive for conquering extreme environments is, however, no longer the preserve of the elite athlete. An exponential growth in endurance challenges in extreme environments for the non-elite has led to an increasing drive to enhance human performance and protect health in some of the most challenge environments on the planet, for some of the least experienced.

This session will explore the limits of human performance and examine the role of medicine and science in the progression of human performance past, present and future. For the practitioner, providing support is well beyond dealing with the elite minority. The challenge now is to translate what we know from elite performance to support the ever growing non-elite majority

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Length: 52m
Guests: Greg Whyte
Categories: Human Performance

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