Continuous Improvement in Professional Practice

Human Factors & Situational Awareness, Leadership
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In this session, we join Critical Care Paramedic, Ben Watts, to delve a little deeper into some of the ideas and concepts around continuous improvement.

Alongside Eoin Walker, Ben considers the significance of marginal gains and the ‘power of the 1%’ in developing performance, with the ultimate goal of improving patient outcomes.

The pair discuss the toolkit available to medics – both technical and non-technical, that can help us all become better clinicians – from the essentials of non-verbal communication to the power of vulnerability loops in creating more honest debriefing, as well as the importance of humility as we strive to hit peak performance each day.

They also consider our relationship with failure and how our perceptions of it should be adjusted – from a source of disappointment to a chance to learn more about how you can improve as both an individual and a team.

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Length: 39m
Guests: Ben Watts
Host: Eoin Walker

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