Medicolegal Aspects of Expedition Medicine

Expedition & Wilderness Medicine, Medicolegal & Ethics
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Join Eoin Walker in conversation with expedition veterans  Steve Jones and Roger Alcock to spot how to look for professional operations and spot low-quality operations that put you, as a medical professional, at risk

Roger Alcock is a Consultant in Emergency Medicine and Paediatric Emergency Medicine who has provided expedition medical cover to expeditions, adventure races, media and corporate challenges on all 7 continents. He regularly teaches on Expedition and Wilderness Medicine courses in the UK and abroad.

Steve Jones is a WEM Faculty Member, Expedition Leader, Operations Manager, Consultant and Lecturer. Steve has been living and working in high-risk environments for thirty years. He has management experience from business, NGOs, expedition leading, and from years of being an Antarctic base commander.

He is an expert on expedition planning, safety management and polar expeditions. As a polar guide, mountaineer, and expedition leader, he led groups to both North and South Geographic Poles and 40 expeditions to the World’s great wildernesses. He acts as a consultant to extreme adventures all over the World, advises on safety management and crisis management based on his personal experience of operations management, treating casualties, a terrorist bombing in London, and coordinating a three-day rescue of five stranded climbers in Antarctica.

In this presentation, we look at a wide variety of topics around:
– Duty of care to the patient
– Medical negligence
– Medical Competency
– Insurance and litigation
– Ethical issues of indemnity to treat locals
– Confidentiality

Links to both robust global travel advice, baseline standards for provision on expedition and preparatory information prior to departure on an expedition:

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Length: 1h 27m
Host: Eoin Walker

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