Exploring Self-Medication In The Great Apes: How Can Their Knowledge Save Lives?

One Health
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Join primatologist Fabien Shultz as he delves into the fascinating world of self-medication in great apes.

In this captivating talk, Shultz shares his groundbreaking research on how our closest living relatives use plants and other natural remedies to treat various ailments and injuries.

Discover the remarkable ways in which chimpanzees, bonobos, and gorillas select specific plants to alleviate symptoms of illness, combat parasites, and even treat wounds. Shultz explores the implications of this behaviour for our understanding of the evolution of medicine and the potential for harnessing the medicinal properties of plants used by great apes.

As we face the growing threat of antibiotic resistance and the need for novel therapeutic approaches, the knowledge held by our primate cousins could prove invaluable. Shultz discusses how studying the self-medicating behaviour of great apes can lead to the identification of new medicinal plants and the development of innovative treatments for human diseases.

This thought-provoking presentation highlights the importance of preserving the habitats of great apes and the urgent need to protect the biodiversity that holds the key to unlocking nature’s medicinal secrets. Join Fabien Shultz on this extraordinary journey into the world of primate self-medication and discover how the knowledge of our closest relatives could help save lives.

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Length: 48m
Guests: Fabien Shultz
Categories: One Health

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