Never Put Your Hands/Feet Where You Can't See Them: Global Envenomation Overview

Adventure, Expedition & Wilderness Medicine, Pre-hospital Care
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Dr. Benjamin LaBrot draws on his passions for medicine and the ocean as the Founder of Floating Doctors, bringing medical relief to developing coastal communities globally. With experience across medical education, research, and industry roles, Dr. LaBrot leads Floating Doctors’ missions worldwide.
From snakes and spiders to jellyfish and platypuses, venomous creatures pose risks for travelers and providers globally. This talk reviews identification, presentation, and evidence-based management of different envenomation types spanning diverse geographic regions.

We’ll cover various venom types and modes of exposure, acute diagnosis, and treatment – emphasising resource-limited strategies. Myths will be debunked as we discuss the patterns of endemic venomous species worldwide.
Participants will gain core competencies to rapidly recognise and effectively manage venomous encounters to save lives. Whether a remote medic or ER doctor, learn essential skills for these time-sensitive, dangerous cases. traveler’s will develop strategies to reduce personal risk in endemic areas.

Overall, build key capabilities for envenomation, including quickly differentiating toxin types, navigating limitations in anti-venom availability, and responding decisively in the critical window required to mitigate damage from potent animal venom globally.

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Length: 43m
Host: Ben LaBrot

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