Remote Island Medicine in the South Pacific

Pre-hospital Care
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Dr Chauveau will describe her work as a remote Medic in French Polynesia – covering an archipelago of 118 islands spread over an expanse of ocean as large as Europe. She reflects on the unique challenges of treating people on islands like Maiao with only 350 inhabitants, which has no airport and a very infrequent boat service!

Her clinical work includes everything from the same minor trauma and common viral illnesses everyone sees in day to day practice right through to sick and complex patients for whom she has no access to imaging, labs or other tools to assist decision making.

Dr Chaveau will share her experiences, insights and tips on how to survive and thrive as a remote medic and explain why idyllic tropical islands can be just as austere in their own right as cold, polar and mountainous environments.

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Length: 33m
Categories: Pre-hospital Care

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