Demystifying Tropical Medicine

Expedition & Wilderness Medicine, Tropical Medicine
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Does your heart sink when ‘Fever in returning traveller’ or ‘Diarrhoea, just back from Malawi’ comes up on the triage list in the Emergency Department or your patient in GP ticks this box? Or are you a seasoned expeditionist, but not used to tropical climes. Or are you planning on going to work in a local hospital in rural Tanzania and have no idea where to start!

Then this workshop is for you! Laura, one of our WEM team, has worked in both local population and expedition settings in the tropics and is aware how intimidating and mind-boggling tropical medicine can seem. This workshop is designed to simplify and give you an approach to this interesting area of medicine and give you the confidence you need to manage infection, those weird and wonderful symptoms that could be anything, as well as bites and stings from creepy crawlies, wherever you may be going in those hot and sticky climes! Even if you don’t plan on going anywhere, working through some cases and having a discussion around approach will help you in your day to day practice in your home country.

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Length: 1h 24m
Guests: Laura McArthur

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