World Extreme Medicine delivers urgently needed medical equipment directly into Ukraine

5 April 2022

World Extreme Medicine, the world’s largest global medic network, has successfully delivered its first convoy of urgently needed medical supplies directly into Ukraine.

The £100,000 appeal, called Medics4Ukraine, is co-ordinated by a team of medical professionals and extreme medicine experts from the network of World Extreme Medicine.

Drawing on the experience of organising successful medical equipment convoys to Syria and Myanmar the team have formed contacts, medical expertise, and logistical setup to deliver their first convoy directly to hospitals on the frontline in Ukraine.

Mark Hannaford, founder of World Extreme Medicine states, “Our specialist medical expertise and global network allows us to be speedily setup to deliver convoys directly to Ukraine. Supplies delivered by our first convoy are already being used by medics on the front line to help save lives.”

On Tuesday 29th March, two transit vans full of medical supplies including tourniquets, airways management kits, paramedic bags and bespoke trauma kits for improvised field hospitals, departed the UK and a few days later crossed over the border into Ukraine.

A Ukrainian Medic on the frontline expressed his gratitude for the trauma kits saying, “We know doctors and medics who have had to travel for days to gather these supplies to treat severely injured patients and require this kit immediately.”

“This was not an easy journey to make due to the nature of the conflict and the flow of the refugees out of Ukraine,” continues Mark. “Our expertise and experience from our previous convoys to Syria and Myanmar ensured we delivered high quality, focused medical equipment exactly where they need it. We will be returning to deliver more urgently needed supplies very soon.”

As the first convoy returned home, the Medics4Ukraine team have already scheduled in a date for their next convoy. Departing the UK on Monday 2nd May, the appeal needs funds to once again secure essential lifesaving medical resources.

Every donation will go directly into purchasing life-saving medical equipment for Ukrainian medical professionals, and civilians caught in the conflict. With World Extreme Medicine underwriting any transport costs.

Find out more information and donate to the ‘Medics4Ukraine’ fundraising appeal today.


Our team will post ongoing updates on our fundraising page, or please feel free to follow World Extreme Medicine across our social media channels to be kept up to date –

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