Update: training & urgent medical supplies delivered directly into Ukraine

16 June 2022

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Farmers, Cooks, Policemen and Programmers their lives, families, and their well-mapped futures derailed by an unprovoked invasion gathered to share their experiences with the Medics4Ukraine team honouring us by allowing our training team to refresh their battlefield medicine skills before their deployment to the frontline.

Whilst the rest of Europe applies suntan lotion and bemoans flight delays these young Ukrainians prepare to face a Goliath on its doorstep killing, raping, and stealing. They do so with surprisingly good humour and a resolute outlook.

I feel that Ukraine is quickly being viewed as ‘old news’, certainly donations have slowed, but my heart feels that this is to our detriment. The fact that Europe’s future is an uncertain one, having regressed 60 years in the wake of wanton aggression, however, worries me and appeasement didn’t work before, and it seems to me it certainly won’t now.

The Medics4Ukraine mission is simple;

  • Supply lifesaving trauma supplies to the frontline.
  • Train fellow medics to help save lives in extremes.
  • Supply Paedtraric Medicine.

We do this by being small, nimble, and effective. The date is set for our next convoy, our mission will only continue to evolve. Please support us where you can.

To date, we have supplied over £1,130,551.44 of medical aid and 100% of the funds are used to purchase much-needed medical supplies. All expenses are endorsed by World Extreme Medicine.

None of our achievements thus far could have been possible without the support of our local Ukrainian supports, doners and generous partners. We thank you all for being so generous.

Many thanks,

Mark Hannaford & the Medics4Ukraine team.

Find out more information and donate to the ‘Medics4Ukraine’ fundraising appeal today.

Photography: mrperou

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