Boundary-Pushing Workshops: From Dentistry to a Mini-MedWAR

17 May 2023

Welcome to the World Extreme Medicine Conference 2023! This year, we are proud to present the largest selection of interactive workshops ever offered, giving you an unrivalled opportunity to expand your extreme medicine skills! 

Led by experts at the forefront of their fields, these hands-on sessions will provide you with invaluable knowledge, practical insights, and cutting-edge techniques necessary to thrive in extreme environments.

Join us at the World Extreme Medicine Conference 2023, 11-13 November 2023, and unlock the unparalleled value of attending these workshops. 

The adventure begins here:

Mini Medical Wilderness Adventure Race (MedWAR)

Embark on a simulated wilderness adventure race where participants will be tasked with responding to four outdoor extreme medical scenarios. Replicating the austere and stressful nature of an extreme rescue where resources are limited so participants can test and improve their skills. 


This is always a very popular session. Delve into the unique challenges of providing dental care in remote and austere environments. Participants will learn essential dental emergency management, tooth extraction techniques, basic nerve blocks and improvisation of dental tools.

Improvised Medicine

Gain critical skills in improvising medical solutions in resource-limited settings. Learn how to make do with limited supplies, adapt to challenging situations, and provide life-saving care when traditional resources are scarce. 

Search & Rescue

Delve into the world of search and rescue operations and learn essential skills for providing medical care in challenging and high-risk environments. Covering topics such as incident management, wilderness navigation, patient extraction techniques, and triage in remote locations.


Discover the power of ultrasound in extreme and austere environments. This workshop provides hands-on training in point-of-care ultrasound techniques for rapid diagnosis and monitoring of medical conditions in challenging settings. 


This workshop focuses on techniques for injury prevention, rehabilitation strategies, and optimising performance in extreme conditions. 

Sexual & Reproductive Health in Humanitarian Contexts

Delve into topics such as family planning, reproductive rights, gender-based violence, and post-conflict care. Participants will gain valuable insights and practical skills to address the specific healthcare needs of populations affected by crises. 

Outdoor Casualty Rope Rescue

This workshop focuses on the unique challenges and clinical considerations for healthcare providers working in vertical or mountainous terrains with a full basket stretcher rigged and lowered down the side of the venue. 

Wound Dressing

Master the art of wound care and learn advanced techniques for dressing and managing complex wounds in extreme environments. 

Pre-Hospital Emergency Anaesthesia

This workshop provides hands-on training in rapid sequence induction, airway management, medication selection, and monitoring techniques. Participants will enhance their skills in delivering safe and effective anaesthesia in austere environments. 

Humanitarian Outbreak Investigation

Delve into the intricate process of investigating and managing outbreaks in humanitarian settings. This workshop covers the skills to conduct rapid assessments, implement effective surveillance systems, and coordinate response efforts in the face of infectious disease outbreaks. 

…And there are many more workshops still to be announced! 

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Whether you are a seasoned medical professional, an adventurous soul, or someone passionate about delivering healthcare in extreme situations, we can’t wait to see you take on our practical workshops at this year’s World Extreme Medicine Conference, 11-13 November 2023. 

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*Please note: registration for talks and workshops will be available to conference ticket holders starting from October 16th, 2023. Identification will be required upon arrival. Please note that certain workshops may require an additional charge to cover specific running costs.

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