Boundary-Pushing Keynote Speakers: From an Adventurer to UKISAR Medics

28 September 2023

Get ready for the World Extreme Medicine Conference as we introduce our remarkable keynote speakers set to take the stage this year. From soaring over Mount Everest’s summit to life-saving missions in earthquake-stricken regions, these speakers have stories that will challenge your perceptions of extreme medicine.

Our keynote speakers are just a glimpse of what’s in store at this year’s conference. With over 60 medical and adventure experts, a global community of 600+ delegates, and 18 themes of medicine, these three unmissable days in November promise to redefine your understanding of the medical world.

But here’s the catch: in-person tickets are limited, and they’re going fast. If you’re eager to join fellow boundary-pushers and gain insights that will shape your perspective, now is the time to act. 

Discover the incredible stories of our keynote speakers below and secure your ticket for the World Extreme Medicine Conference today.

Ken Hutt

In 2022, Australian mountaineer and paragliding pilot Ken Hutt embarked on a mission that defied all odds – becoming the first person to fly a paraglider solo off Mount Everest’s summit. His daring feat aimed to raise funds and awareness for Rotary International’s End Polio Now campaign. 

Join Ken as he shares his harrowing experience navigating the “death zone” and weathering -40°C temperatures. 

Get an exclusive look at footage from ‘FlyFromEverest’ and gain insights from fellow expedition member, Dr. Joe Carter, as he discusses the concept of “encouraged risk” in extreme sports. 

This boundary-pushing Everest paragliding expedition embodies the conference’s mission to innovate, push boundaries, and save lives.

→ Here from Ken at the World Extreme Medicine Conference

Deb Swann & Jamie Pattison

What is it like to give life-saving treatment to a casualty trapped under rubble, with aftershocks shaking the building? What do you do when an aftershock hits the mountain village you are in and your escape route is blocked?

Deb Swann and Jamie Pattison are medics with the UK International Search and Rescue team, who deployed to Turkey and Morocco this year as part of the UK Government’s response to the devastating earthquakes.

Find out first-hand about their experiences responding to those disasters and meet some of the expert team of technical rescue firefighters and search dogs.

This is a story of devastation, humanity, life-changing experiences, search dogs and close bonds.

→ Here from Deb & Jamie at the World Extreme Medicine Conference

Martin Pernar

Join Martin Pernar as he fearlessly delves into the intricacies of decision-making in diverse expeditionary settings at the World Extreme Medicine Conference. 

His talk, “Expeditionary Medicine: Learnings and Philosophical Reflections,” challenges clinicians to consider how peripheral factors and cultural nuances impact care and outcomes. 

By widening the field of vision, Pernar questions whether our choices are fully informed or if we risk being too adventurous. In his role as devil’s advocate, he puts our obligation to ‘do no harm’ under the microscope.

→ Here from Martin at the World Extreme Medicine Conference

That’s our selected group of keynote speakers who will illuminate the World Extreme Medicine Conference this year. Their incredible stories, from paragliding off Everest’s summit to earthquake response missions, will challenge your understanding of extreme medicine.

With over 60 experts, 600+ delegates, and 18 medical themes, it promises three unmissable days this November.

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