Boundary-Pushing Stories from World Extreme Medicine Conference Attendees

23 August 2023

Have you ever felt stuck on the conventional career path laid out before you? Are you seeking new possibilities that align with your passion for medicine and adventure?

The World Extreme Medicine Conference opens doors to uncharted possibilities in the field of medicine for people like you.

Meet three individuals transformed by the opportunities this conference provides:

Dr. Sanjaya Karki

The conference played a pivotal role for Dr. Karki – connecting him with peers, revealing developments, and strengthening skills.

A chance encounter led to a collaboration transforming Nepal’s medical landscape. After honing expertise in Germany, Dr. Karki returned home to spearhead emergency services. Today, he guides prehospital care, with his efforts culminating in a leadership role.

Dr. Karki’s story shows how the conference can spark impactful connections and steer professionals toward extraordinary achievements.

→ Discover more about Sanjaya’s journey and experience

Laura Appleton

Laura’s venture with the Royal Flying Doctors Service in remote Western Australia sparked her passion for retrieval medicine. 

It was at the World Extreme Medicine Conference that her enthusiasm gained direction. Fascinating case studies shared by wilderness medicine experts set her on a mission to share practical insights with medical students.

Her time in remote Western Australia, dealing with extreme conditions and complex cases, has armed her with valuable knowledge. From logistics to handling challenging scenarios, Laura’s journey offers real-world insights to peers interested in this specialised field.

Laura’s journey exemplifies how the World Extreme Medicine Conference can translate inspiration into meaningful action, moulding medical careers and encouraging sharing within the medical community.

→ Learn from Laura on how to prepare for your medical elective

Ffyon Davies

Ffyon’s journey pivoted at the 2020 conference. There, she discovered a community merging medicine and the outdoors – sparking aspirations.

Diverging from convention, Ffyon crafted an autonomous path – living and working on her terms and pursuing a CESR route of training rather than conventional. From North Wales to Hereford, she ventured into diverse medical roles, while pursuing her passion for expedition medicine. Despite COVID-19 setbacks, Ffyon seized opportunities to hone her skills, preparing for an inaugural expedition job.

Ffyon’s story embodies charting a distinctive course, challenging conventions, and reaping rewards through commitment – sparked by the conference.

→ You can read more about Ffyon’s story here 

Pathways Ignited by Extreme Medicine

The conference is a catalyst for varied, purposeful careers.

Whether disaster response, remote healthcare, expedition medicine or spurring innovation – extreme medicine equips professionals with adaptable skills. It pushes careers to new frontiers.

Ready to redefine your journey? Explore extreme medicine at the World Extreme Medicine Conference.

Edinburgh tickets from £150

It’s been a tough year for medics with industrial action and the rising cost of living putting strain on us all. As a result we’ve worked incredibly hard to not only keep costs down but significantly reduce Edinburgh ticket prices for the conference this year. We recognise that medics need support, inspiration and community – now more than ever.

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*Please note: registration for talks and workshops will be available to conference ticket holders starting from October 16th, 2023. Identification will be required upon arrival. Please note that certain workshops may require an additional charge to cover specific running costs.

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