Human Factors & Leadership with Clare Fitchett

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In this webinar we speak to Clare Fitchett as we explore the fundamentals of human factors and the interplay of leadership. In the conversation we examine what human factors mean to Clare and how they affect her practice. We also look at leadership and how Clare perceives leadership can affect human factors for the better. We finally examine the concept and strategies of human factors mitigation and how we can offset the patent safety issues that human factors brings with it.

Clare graduated as a paramedic in 2011 having undertaken her student paramedic training with South Central Ambulance Service. She commenced her Specialist Paramedic (Critical Care) training in 2018 with Thames Valley Air Ambulance and holds the Diploma in Immediate Medical care (DipIMC) from the Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh and is completing an MSc in Advanced Clinical Practice. Clare also volunteers as an Expedition Medic with the British Exploring Society and is also a faculty member of World Extreme Medicine. She currently works for Hampshire and the Ilse of Wight Air Ambulance.

Intended Learning Outcomes

  • Overview of Human Factors – why important and definitions
  • Main domains of Human Factors
  • Leadership – different types
  • How leadership can affect Human Factors
  • Example cases – two cases from Clare’s experience

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