The Fog of Innovation: Developing The Groundbreaking SCRAM™ Safety Technology with Paul Swinton

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Join us for an insightful webinar exploring the winding path of innovation with veteran innovator Paul Swinton, an accomplished paramedic who has worked on the road, in emergency departments, and as a flight paramedic in both South Africa. Paul currently serves as the National Education Lead for the Scottish Air Ambulance Service and a HEMS paramedic involved in critical care and retrieval medicine.

Drawing on his experience developing the groundbreaking SCRAM™ safety technology, Paul will shed light on navigating the uncertainty, risks, and resistance that come with trailblazing new ideas.

Intended Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the typical trajectory of developing an idea into an innovation, including pivots, uncertainty, and overcoming constraints.
  • Learn strategies for cultivating and managing innovation, such as leveraging collaboration, finding motivation during difficult stages, and confronting resistance to change.
  • Recognise common friction points in the innovation process and how to push past them.
  • Gain insight into expanding horizons and avoiding resource limitations when innovating.
  • Appreciate the role of emerging technologies like AI in transforming and enhancing innovation.
  • Learn principles for managing intellectual property, transparency, and effective partnerships when innovating.
  • Take away practical tips and inspiration for shepherding ideas to global impact based on Paul’s real-world experience.
  • Gain perspective on embracing uncertainty and risk as inherent aspects of successful innovation.

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