Expedition Medicine - Careers Panel

Careers, Expedition & Wilderness Medicine

Join our panel of experts and find your path to make an impact through expedition work. Do you want to use your medical skills to provide healthcare and save lives in remote environments?

Our expedition medicine careers panel brings together top professionals to reveal how you can get involved.

In this session, you’ll discover:

  • The different roles within expedition medical organisations and how to pursue them
  • Required qualifications and how to gain relevant experience
  • Insider tips on applying and getting selected
  • Real stories from the field on typical projects and assignments
  • How to prepare for challenging situations you may encounter

Whether you’re a student exploring options, a healthcare pro looking to transition, or wanting to volunteer occasionally – this panel provides unique guidance to chart your expedition medicine journey.

This masterclass career panel originally took place at the 2023 World Extreme Medicine Conference. After watching the panel, join our practical extreme medicine training courses! Reserve your place today.

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Length: 57m

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