Altitude Medicine on Expeditions

Mountain Medicine
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After viewing the webinar, participants should be able to demonstrate an increase in, or affirmation of, their knowledge of the logistics of high-altitude expedition medicine. Participants should be able to evaluate the appropriateness of the information as it applies to the provision of patient care in their own expedition context.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the varied role of oxygen and acclimatisation strategies as it applies to high altitude expedition medicine.
  • Identify social, environmental and biological factors that influence the prevention and treatment of altitude illness.
  • Understand that under usual conditions, gradual ascent is the key to preventing altitude illness and that descent is the most important treatment for altitude illness
  • Understand the signs and symptoms of acute mountain sickness, high altitude cerebral oedema, and high-altitude pulmonary oedema.
  • Describe pharmacologic methods of treating altitude illness.

More Information

Length: 1h 10m
Categories: Mountain Medicine

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