6 Essential Acclimatisation Tips for High Altitude [Infographic]

4 August 2023

Going higher means less oxygen. To ascend mountains safely, proper acclimatisation is crucial. This infographic distills key strategies for adapting to altitude into 6 tips.

You’ll learn:

  • How “climb high, sleep low” optimises oxygenation
  • Ideal daily elevation gains and rest intervals
  • The role of exercise, caffeine, and awareness in acclimatisation

Whether you’re an aspiring mountaineer or experienced guide, these research-backed recommendations will help you avoid altitude sickness.

Access the infographic PDF by clicking the link below for a comprehensive at-a-glance reference to altitude medicine essentials. Download and review it as you plan high-elevation adventures.

→ Download 6 Essential Acclimatisation Tips for High Altitude [Infographic]

Remember, hands-on training is the best preparation for managing risks and medical issues at altitude. Our extreme medicine courses provide a number of opportunities for you to learn through expert instruction and case simulations. Here’s where you can join us to learn altitude medicine and much more:

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